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Educational Psychology Assessment

Understanding Educational Psychology Assessments - A Collaborative Approach

A Comfortable Experience for Every Child

We prioritise making the child feel at ease. The initial 5-10 minutes are dedicated to helping the child settle in, often through activities like drawing or discussing their interests. The assessment is broken down into manageable segments, allowing for short breaks. Many children even find the tasks enjoyable, likening them to games.

Comprehensive Reporting

Upon completion, a detailed report is generated and shared with parents and schools, providing actionable insights and recommendations




Why Choose Lisa

BSc.Hons, P.G.C.E, MEd Ed Psychology, Health Professions Council Member

Lisa Gupta brings over 25 years of experience, offering a child-centred, evidence-based approach to educational psychology assessments. Her comprehensive evaluations are about identifying challenges and recognising strengths, all while ensuring a comfortable experience for the child.

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