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Based in Milton Keynes, Lisa Gupta is a fully qualified Educational Psychologist with 25 years of experience

An educational psychology assessment tries to understand a child’s needs using a wide range of information: observation in class, meeting staff, meeting parents and assessment using questionnaires and tests. 

An individual assessment with an Educational Psychologist can sound very daunting for a young child. In reality, most children enjoy the assessment process! The main aim is for each child to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Depending on the child, the first five to ten minutes is used to settle the child into the assessment through a combination of drawing, talking about their likes/dislikes and maybe filling in a questionnaire.

The assessment is divided into short chunks to allow time for breaks. Some children have discussed that the assessment tasks are like playing games.   

What People Say

When we needed to understand more about our son’s difficulties with some aspects of his school work, Lisa spent time with our son, myself and the school to get an all-round understanding of his needs.

What was even more important for us though was that she provided recommendations as to how we could help him going forwards.

Nikee Cristie

Lisa was pivotal to our son’s successful transition to secondary school. Lisa listened to our concerns and gave us constructive strategies to use at home, which really helped.

She also produced a written report for school and liaised with staff ensuring that they understood our son’s needs and how to meet them.

Our son wouldn’t have had such a positive start to Secondary School without Lisa’s expertise and guidance.

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