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Specialised Educational Psychology Assessments for Children with Acquired Brain Injuries

Lisa Gupta is experienced in working with children of all ages who have acquired brain injuries in mainstream and special school. She has carried out in-depth assessments, completed staff training, consulted with staff regarding school-based interventions and supported transitions. She has worked as a member of multidisciplinary teams supporting children with acquired brain injuries and their families and school staff under the leadership of Case Managers.

Why Choose Lisa

Why Choose Lisa for This Specialised Service?

With over 25 years of experience in educational psychology and a unique focus on children with acquired head injuries, Lisa Gupta offers a tailored approach to assessments beyond standard evaluations.

How Does the Assessment Work?

Lisa employs a multi-faceted approach to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by children with head injuries.

This includes:

  • Advising on Classroom Modifications
    Such as seating arrangements or additional support.
  • Recommending Therapeutic Interventions
    Like occupational or speech therapy.
  • Liaising with Local Authorities
    Ensure all necessary resources are allocated for the child’s support.


25 Years Experience
Over 1000 Families Helped
BSc.Hons, P.G.C.E, MEd Ed Psychology, Health Professions Council Member
Child Brain Injury - Educational Psychology Assessment

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