11+ Educational Psychology assessment

11+ Educational Psychology assessment Milton Keynes
11+ Educational Psychology assessment Milton Keynes

After all the hard work and stress, it is so disappointing for a child to not get the mark they wanted during the 11+ tests.

An Educational Psychology assessment is a chance to be tested again using the British Ability Scales Third Edition UK on reading, spelling, number skills, verbal skills, non-verbal and spatial skills. A report detailing the scores is given to the parents which can be used in the appeal process.

What People Say

“ Lisa was pivotal to our son’s successful transition to secondary school. Lisa listened to our concerns and gave us constructive strategies to use at home, which really helped. She also produced a written report for school and liaised with staff ensuring that they understood our son’s needs and how to meet them. Our son wouldn’t have had such a positive start to Secondary School without Lisa’s expertise and guidance. ”

Previous Customer

When we needed to understand more about our son’s difficulties with some aspects of his school work, Lisa spent time with our son, myself and the school to get an all-round understanding of his needs. What was even more important for us though was that she provided recommendations as to how we could help him going forwards.

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Educational Psychologist Milton Keynes

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